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July 8th, 2004

11:47 pm - Mix or Die
If you enjoy making and receiving unique tapes, come and check out [info]</a>mix or die . We're looking for people that have an appreciation for many different kinds of music and like hearing new stuff. If you think you have a pretty good breadth of musical knowledge, and want to expand upon it, read the user info, and please come join us.

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July 1st, 2004

08:51 pm
I've received a couple of e-mails from people wanting to know if they can still send things in or if I mind if they are late.

Since I want as many people to be able to participate as possible since I don't know when the next swap will be (I am moving to New Zealand for an indefinite period of time next month and that will make it more complicated unless someone else wants to take over mod duties), I am going to extend it for 2 weeks. In two weeks I will send out the packages, unless I know there is still one in the mail. I will hold off for it.

If you still want to participate please make your mix ASAP and send it to me. Also, as soon as it is in the mail e-mail me at brightbluestuff@ livejournal.com to tell me it is coming. If you send it but don't let me know, when the 2 week period ends I'm going to ship everything out even if it's not here yet. If you do tell me and it's not here yet, I will wait for it. Very simple. But that means they have to be made and sent within the 2 weeks; I don't want to extend to any further after that, I just want to be able to include the people that have asked for a little bit of extra time.

Thanks! :)
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June 27th, 2004

12:24 am
Err... I feel real retarded because brandston does not sing what we hate we make. The Rocket Summer does. Sorry for my dumbness.

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12:18 am
Name: Jenny.

Location: RiverSide.!

Top Three... The Strokes, Postal Service, Ima Robot.

Current favorite:Brandston-What we hate we make

All-time favorites:Dirty Scene-Ima Robot

Most influential:Led Zep.

And those can be songs, bands, albums.. it's really up to your interpretation.

Why did you join? Thought it would be fun.

What do you like? Being online 15 hours a day.

What do you absolutely NOT like? Cleaning. barf.

Do you want to trade with someone with similar tastes or do you want something entirely new? As long as its good music. Then who cares.

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June 21st, 2004

03:51 pm
Just to guage what's coming this way.. Who all is participating in the current scheduled edition of the great CD/Mp3 CD/Mixtape Swap?

Remember, July 1.
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04:50 pm
Name: Jon Fisher

Location: Wales, UK

Top Five...

Current favorites: Ben Kweller, Charlotte Hatherly, Lightning Bolt, Muse, yourcodenameis:milo

All-time favorites: Muse, The White Stripes, Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Sonic Youth

Most influential: Jack White, Modey Lemon, Gisli, acoustic music..

Why did you join? To expand my musical horizons.

What do you like? Diet Coke

What do you absolutely NOT like? Bands whose haircuts are more important than their music. Good Charlotte. Hip hop. Rap. R&B.

Do you want to trade with someone with similar tastes or do you want something entirely new? I would like to trade with someone who likes either guitar music or electro.

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June 10th, 2004

04:59 pm
Name: adam
Location: knoxville, tn

Top Five...
Current favorites: barry adamson, snog, dead prez, tiamat, rasputina, the black heart procession

All-time favorites: nick cave, skinny puppy, 16 horsepower, bauhaus, tom waits, killing joke, danzig

Most influential: einsturzende neubauten, ohgr, foetus, the the, outkast

Why did you join? in hopes of discovering something extraordinary

What do you like? anything with guts

What do you absolutely NOT like? stale, plastic ass music/the majority of modern pop in any form

Do you want to trade with someone with similar tastes or do you want something entirely new? similar tastes

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02:17 pm
Name: Mick

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Current favorites: Modest Mouse, The (international) Noise Conspiracy, Wilco, Q and not U, The White Stripes, Guitar Wolf, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Dillinger Escape Plan, Kool Keith, Blackstar.

All-time favorites: Fugazi, The Pixies, Jawbox, Elvis Costello, The Murder City Devils, Braid.

Most influential: Bob Dylan, Elvis, The Who,(see above).

Why did you join? cuz Jen told me to.

What do you like? rock and roll, there are too many names for types of music.

What do you absolutely NOT like? anything that would be honored at the source awards, rap metal, dashboard confessional, crappy pop (most "emo", "mtv punk"), nu metal, creed, switchfoot, nickelback, etc you get where i am going with this

Do you want to trade with someone with similar tastes or do you want something entirely new? I am open to anything new.

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June 8th, 2004

01:31 am - 3...1...1...GO!
Everybody make a mix. NOW. Make 5 copies.

Then send them (along with a return mailer so I can send stuff back) to:

Jen HumphreysCollapse )

Anyway I will listen to all of them and take a look at what you've posted for your likes and absolute dislikes and I will mix them up and each person that sends them in will receive 5 different copies in return.


That gives you a few weeks to get them done, and allows some extra shipping time for everyone that is overseas.

If anyone would be so kind as to add just like a dollar to help cover some of the shipping on my end that would be totally nice. It's not a requirement, but we'll be able to do this more frequently if I don't have to sell my body to cover all the shipping.

5 Copies. Send to me. July 1. $1. =)



Current Music: hint hint - before the beyond

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June 6th, 2004

11:31 pm - :D
Ok. So.

Name&Location: Jacq, from ye olde England.

Top Five...
Current favorites:
Minor Majority, Thea Gilmore, HIM, Snow Patrol, KMFDM.

All-time favorites: David Bowie [legend!], Leonard Cohen, Ani diFranco, the Bluetones, Green Day.

Most influential: In terms of 'genre' [pretension ahoy!] it has to be all that Motown label stuff, from When I Was But a Child. Ingrained in me, is that. Then there's ska-punk, think anything from a Punk-o-Rama album. Ah, nostalgia. :D

Why did you join?: olukemi made me. I have bruises from the arm-twisting, I swear!

What do you like?: God, I hate it when people say 'I like most anything' but I'm doing it too. If you can dance and/or make a fool out of yourself singing along to it, extra points. If its - to quote a friend - 'that annoying happy music' then I'm there. ;)

What do you absolutely NOT like?: Cradle of Filth, Slayer, anything with long guitar/other instrument solos. I will fall asleep and it will not be pretty.

Do you want to trade with someone with similar tastes or do you want something entirely new?: I'd like both, to be honest. And if anyone knows what they're doing with classical music or opera, you know you want to be my new best friend. ;)
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Current Music: cake//sheep go to heaven

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