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The Great CD Swap
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This community is for those who like a mean mix. They like making them, and they like getting them. This is a TRADING community. Do not join if you are not going to make one for someone else, just want to get some. If there are complaints, some nice men in white suits with violin cases will hunt you down and kill you, Desperado style.

Anyway, when you join, please post the following information (lj cut or no, who really cares at this point. Nobody ever got banned for typing too much, although I guess you could be the first).



Top Five...
  • Current favorites:
  • All-time favorites:
  • Most influential:

    And those can be songs, bands, albums.. it's really up to your interpretation.

    Why did you join?

    What do you like?

    What do you absolutely NOT like?

    Do you want to trade with someone with similar tastes or do you want something entirely new?


    So this is basically how it works,

    You post. You post playlists and stuff like that so others can share your tastes and listen to new things. You can go, Oh wow, that person likes a lot of cool shit, I'm going to leave them a comment and we'll make the exchange, or.. this one is fun: You can make 5 copies of a CD and send it to your friendly moderator along with a return mailer. This will be announced when we're doing this; there will have to be a deadline. Make sure to include a playlist with all of these, and they will get mixed up and you yourself and you will receive 5 in exchange. Wow. Amazing. Incredible. The success depends totally on user interest so be active and invite your friends to join as well.

    DO NOT persecute members for liking different music than you, or give off "indier than thou" vibes. There's no need for drama; this is supposed to be fun. If somebody joins and their favorite bands are Color Me Badd and the Juliana Theory, then God help them, yes, but that's why they are here, to see the light, and so that they'll receive their mix and figure out on their own that Four Hundred Years is simply much, much better.

    Remember... have fun!!

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